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The foremost valuable factor in the franchise business market is the roles & responsibility of franchise consultant companies. Proficient franchise consultants are available to guide you in your franchise search. Most importantly, franchise consultants offer expert advice on everything in a franchise business be it choosing the right franchise, starting your business. Similarly help you with your business plan, share marketing best practices. Likewise we will also assist you in better understanding the franchise agreement and answer all your queries throughout the entire franchise selection process, therefore it sums up the importance of the roles & responsibility of franchise consultant companies in this domain. At IndiaFranchiseConsultant the top company in the list of franchise consulting companies in India, we help our franchise consultants to build, support and maintain a strong and effective relationship with the prospective franchisor and franchisee.

Responsibilities in terms of

A Franchisee

Franchisee is a person who is looking out for new business opportunities that suits his requirements. A new business seeker would want to start a business of his preferred choice at his location. Here a franchise consultant should understand his basic details and guide him accordingly.

Assess the requirements of the entrepreneur

Talk to the franchisee and understand what kind of business and the kind of investment he is looking for along with the location where he wants to start.

Create a Business Seeker profile

Once the necessary requirements are gathered, build a strong profile of the business seeker in terms of their investment, background and important details which would immediately grab the attention of the franchisor in choosing their potential leads.

Shortlist Opportunities

While the franchisee has agreed to the terms and conditions, shortlist various opportunities that match his profile. Besides that a business seeker is not specific in choosing a particular business but is looking for a particular investment range. Then as a franchise consultant you can give him a few options in various business categories in that range.

Introduce to the Franchisor

First of all once the franchisee chooses his opportunity, then introduce him to the respective franchisor. Let him understand all the business details that is required to start off with the franchise business.


It is the duty of a franchisee in helping a business seeker to negotiate, as starting a new business involves a lot of investment, legal formalities and various other factors which needs to be discussed thoroughly.

The secret to success in any business or franchise industry is to find the right business and personality match.

Responsibilities in terms of

A Franchisor

Once a business small or big has established its brand significance would like to opt for the expansion of the same. An expert franchise consultant would understand the business and help a franchisor in creating the right franchise model.

Acquiring Business Details

Acquiring the details of the business and also review whether the business is feasible to be franchised.

Develop a franchise model

Develop a franchise model which outlines the nature of the business, the company details, a thorough research on the business and even more. Therefore, this model should include the vital aspects which would make the process of franchise easy and smooth:

  • The financials
  • SWOT analysis and industry research
  • Competitions and The FAQs

Legal Documents

  • Creating the draft agreement, protection, trademark, policies, etc.
  • Creating the operations manual, standard operating procedures, training manual and marketing manual.

Marketing, Recruitment & Audit

  • Conducting the marketing activity for the franchise.
  • Recruiting the potential franchisee.
  • Conduct proper audit and ensure that there are absolutely no leakages.

Follow Up

Follow up with regular annual franchise meets to discuss any new strategy or changes for the betterment of the business.

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