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IndiaFranchiseConsultants is part of Sparkleminds and FranchiseBazar who are front runners of franchising in India. Sparkleminds with over two decades of experience have successfully helped franchisors in growing their business. Similarly, FranchiseBazar is the top franchise listings portal in India, showcasing a wide variety of franchise business opportunities, agencies, dealership and distributorships in India across 500+ cities and towns of India. This could be quite perplexing and confusing for a normal entrepreneur or business seeker who wants to start a new business. Here is where a trained franchise consultant comes into picture. Therefore, in order to help these entrepreneurs in finding or hiring the perfect franchise consultant, we have started this niche platform where India connects with Franchise Consultants on One End and We Train a large number of consultants on the other end. This ensures that entrepreneurs either find or become a certified franchise consultant.


Why would an entrepreneur need a experienced and trained franchise consultant in India? What is the potential of becoming a franchise consultant in India ? How Does one go about becoming a trained consultant in the franchise Industry?. We have answers to all these questions and much more on this platform.


Today, franchise consultancy opportunities are in demand. Millions Of Entrepreneurs are looking for business opportunities and therefore IndiaFranchiseConsultants is the need of the hour for complete franchise consultant solutions. At IndiaFranchiseConsultants the candidate has to undergo a tough screening to become a franchise consultant and gain franchise industry experience. First of all we shortlist profiles who match the basic criterions after which we offer them training on how to conduct this business beginning from how to generate leads, study client requirements and train them on how franchise works in a business for a franchisor and a franchisee, legal formalities etc. IndiaFranchiseConsultants is a professional platform that fits the requirements to become a franchise consultant and as a result help new entrepreneurs, existing or a new franchisors, with the growth solutions they seek.


Having 20+ years of experience in the world of Franchise business we want to train energetic and passionate people to become certified franchise consultants across India. Not Everybody can become a successful franchise consultant or would be taken into the training program. You will have to pass our initial screening tests. Therefore becoming a franchise consultant is not easy. You will have to work the grind and with our experts on business brokerage and consulting. You will be trained right from understanding the requirements to winning your clients. Also, franchisors and franchisees who want to hire franchise consultants can find the perfect one, here.

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With increasing competition levels many companies wish to grow their business or those who want to start a business seek the advice of professional franchise consultants. Its a Multi Million Dollar Industry.

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For Franchise Consultants :

If you’re on the search to start a franchise consultancy, how to be a franchise consultant then you’re on the right platform of IndiaFranchiseConsultant. We are a professional consultancy firm that caters to all that is required to become a franchise consultant. Our Aim is to prepare you completely in starting your own franchise consultancy business. Make Millions from Entrepreneurs & Franchisors.

The Training and Methodology: 

IFC works with only a limited section of qualified people. You have to have a certain base to pre-qualify for our training programs.  We work with professional from corporate backgrounds, Educated Entrepreneurs who can understand the nuances of consulting services as a business. We believe in providing quality training, to become a pure franchise consultant. There is an initial training program followed by continuous up-gradation of skills annually and sharing of Industry best practices. Each Individual is given individual attention and intense training. They are then trained how to first look at the success of their clients to build a successful Franchise consultancy business.

For Entrepreneurs Seeking New Business:

  You have several types of brokers and agents offering franchises out there. Are they really credible, do they have the experience to guide you correctly. Are they really inclined to your interests or selling franchises that they get paid for? Get complete support from India Franchise Consultants experts and be sure that you are now in safe hands. We believe your success is ours.

For Business Owners Who Want To Franchise Or Expand Their Businesses: .

It is not easy to franchise a business. You must have professionals who have done this for over 100+ companies, at a bare minimum level to be sure that they can hand hold you properly. You wouldn’t want to make expensive mistakes. At IndiaFranchiseConsultant we make sure that a proper consultant is assigned to a clients expansion requirement. Our principal consultant has done this for 500+ companies and is always training junior consultants along with him on live projects. They are trained on all aspects of franchising from Strategy, Operations, Marketing, Legal, Training, Financials, Profiling, Recruitment Of Franchises,  and More. 

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